The Gateway Mural Project: Oksana Berzinsh

The Gateway Mural Project:

Featured Artist: Oksana Berzinsh

Mural Size: 15′ x 11′ –– Mural in Progress


Gatway Mural Project Oksana Berzinsh

Our town is well known for its beautiful and diverse architecture style. I suggest embedding an iconic example of it – the Town Hall tower – into the newly added surroundings. Another easily recognizable silhouette of South Orange is the Fire Department Building. The color palette of orange, brick and gray, used in both proposals, should relate to the general spectrum of the town’s buildings

Artist / Group Bio: Oksana Berzinsh is a South Orange based artist. Her art is influenced by early impressionists and adepts of Impasto. Oksana draws inspiration from classic architecture forms and, in addition to painting, expresses her creativity in photography and design.

Type Of Media: Mural Painting

Portfolio / Proposal Website:

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